A large part of life’s pleasures involve little upgrades. We all know the feeling of our ‘firsts’. First bike, first pet, a first house….

However, what do you do when you can’t drive but would love to own a car?

At age 48, my mother decided to finally get a car so that she can travel comfortably. However, she never learnt how to drive. So, she never gets behind the wheel. The car sat gathering dust in the parking lot. We were now paying for the car and for cabs. Exorbitant right? Now picture similar situations, where car owners can’t drive! We’re talking medical conditions, intoxication, long journeys.

In such times it makes sense to hire a driver and the best place to get one is DriveU. DriveU provides professional, private drivers for all your needs. Whether you have to run errands, shop at various locations, travel outstation or simply commute to work; DriveU gets you on demand drivers with the tap of a button.

It’s also the only company to provide insurance for your trips to ensure customer safety.

Over the past year, DriveU has grown ten folds and incorporated features that provide great flexibility to users.

  1. Fixed fares. No surge prices or surprises

Travel at flat rates without surge prices. DriveU has packages that are all inclusive of GST.

2. Flexible packages

Now get discounted packages for every need.

3. The only company to provide one-way outstation drivers

Outstation trips may require you to take care of miscellaneous expenses that aren’t necessarily part of the deal. Eliminate these charges by opting for a one-way outstation drive.

4. First company to provide insurance for drives

External forces may lead to dents and scratches during the drive. Hence, DriveU now provides insurance for all trips for as cheap as Rs.10.

5. Now operating in 7 cities with Ahmedabad being the latest addition

Cities include Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad.

That’s not all! DriveU is bringing some exciting features and services in 2019.

While the app has changed rapidly, the caring service and contributions have been the same; bringing in more happy customers to join the fam!

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