Kahani Cab Cab Ki…

Remember that time you got decked out in Chanel to hit the clubs on the weekend only to get all your seven cabs cancelled? Or that time you were in the cab and it smelled like cat litter in the back seat? I empathize with you. Nothing feels as bad as the un-reciprocated love we get from our cab drivers who cancel our trip.

I call this on-and-off love story, kahani cab cab ki and today I’m sharing my heart-wrenching kahanis with you in five brief points —

  1. Forrest in the dumps

Sitting on a bench, waiting for a cab, hoping the driver doesn’t cancel. (Insert melancholic Yash Raj music here.)

2. The Surge.
Rains, floods and the avarice of cabs’ purge prices.

3. Cast Away.
When GPS doesn’t work or that’s what he said (At least I have Wilson)

4. Tropic Thunder.
Filling an enclosed cab with thunderous aromas of that exotic food my driver had. Yes, I did taste the thunder, Akshay Kumar!

5. Fast and Furious.
I think he was trying to impress me with close calls on the freeway. I live to tell my story

While I’ve had my share of eventful cab rides, I’d still prefer to commute like a normal person much like you and to my relief, there is a company, doing it right.

DriveU fetches you professional, private drivers that are available with the tap of a button.

They offer cost-effective packages for all and sundry. Whether you’re planning to go out for a drink or need to run some errands; the app has a package for it. The best part is that you can get insurance for all your drives (so Fast and Furious doesn’t hurt your pocket). During the most chaotic times and awful traffic, I have never had to pay extra since there are no surge prices at DriveU. They offer comfortable drives anywhere within the city at flat rates.

If you’ve got a car and you need professional drivers that drive it with care, keeping your safety in mind, DriveU is your app!

While I started with a dash of bicker, this story does have a happily ever after. Why don’t you try the app out this festive season? You won’t regret it.

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