Okay, so here’s a situation-

It’s Friday, a long weekend is coming up and you’re heading to Hyderabad with your parents. It only makes sense to take your car and go since you’ll be moving around, once there.
But you’re too tired after your work day to drive 10 hours straight but you’ll be rested well enough to make the drive back yourself. So you hire a DriveU driver but you don’t need the driver to drive you back. What do you do?

Here’s another situation-
You and your friends want to go to Goa(woot!) for a week — having your car to move around would be ideal but none of you are experienced highway drivers and you’d rather save your energy for Goa. ;)

Now, a driver costs ₹999/day, hence ₹7k/week + taxes plus his food and accommodation will easily bring the number up to ₹13–15k. Might as well ditch the car!

Photo by Liam Pozz

So what’s the Solution?

One Way Outstation Drivers!!

Up until now, DriveU only offered outstation drivers for your entire trip i.e. there and back.

Now, get a driver to drop you to the city of your choice!

Introducing One-way Outstation!

  • Now hire a driver to drive you from City A to City B.
  • Driver(s) will arrange for their own transport back.
  • Available from 25th April, 2018.


  • ₹1200/ 12 hr (up to 200 Km).
  • Additional charges after the base(200km, 12hrs) are₹6/km and ₹99/hr.
    For eg. if you travel time is 14 hours and distance travelled is 250km — your fare would be 1200+(99x2)+(6x50)= 1698 +GST.
  • Food and accommodation to be provided by the customer if trip exceeds 12 hrs.
  • GST charges of 18% applicable on final bill amount.

List of One-way destinations by city.

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