Users all around India are finding reasons to use DriveU. Have you found your reason to let us DriveU?

When we started DriveU, our premise was simply that there are people who want to use their own car, even when they cannot drive, for any reason.

What we couldn’t possibly fathom is the variety of uses that people have found-

  • Picking up Sunny from school when you’re late. ✓
  • Taking mom grocery shopping. ✓
  • Sending Rohit’s drunk ass home. ✓
  • Taking Bruno to the vet. ✓
  • Handling the CEO’s daily commute. ✓
  • Driving Dad to Uncle Khanna’s all the way in Rohini. ✓
  • Sending back Shruti the book that she left. ✓
  • Driving Sheela auntie and her kids back, every time she shows up. ✓
  • Spending time on the backseat with a loved one. ✓
  • Delivery service to send goods to and fro within the city. ✓
  • Driving house-guests who want to see the new city. ✓
  • Enjoying the serene drive to Ooty from the backseat. ✓

And that’s just a few of the reasons why you asked us to DriveU!

Celebrate the 100’s of uses of DriveU and get ₹100 off —

Use Promo Code: 100USES
Valid through: 15th-21st of Dec,2018
Valid on: One-way and Round Trips.

Also, if you think you’ve found a unique new way to use DriveU, write to me directly (rahul.a[at] and we’ll feature you here, on social media and send you some extra goodies.

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