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Multi-cultural, cosmopolitan, welcoming and enterprising; does Mumbai ever fall short of adjectives? Our City of Dreams is a stunning paradox of hope, chaos and madness. When in Bambai, even the Almighty cannot avoid two things — the Local Train turmoil and the INSANE traffic!

It’s so crazy, that no matter who you are, or what you’re driving, you WILL HAVE TO STOP. The feeling of pandemonium that you get standing amidst the traffic island with vehicles and people from from every angle, pushing, pulling, carrying, things on the head, yelling, honking is unmatchable!

Not much surprised, eh? Without beating around the bush, let’s dive into these 5 notorious traffic junctions that every fellow Mumbaikar can relate to:-

  1. Teen Hath Naka: The city’s busiest junction, may have just earned the dubious distinction of being the world’s worst congested intersection. A normal intersection has 12 distinct directions of traffic movement. But the count of traffic flow at this tri-mouthed crossing is …… ….(any guesses?) Between 36 to 40. Yeah, gulp that down!

Source : DNA India

But where are you going to walk? Hawkers k Upar?

2. Powai-Vikhroli: Driving in and out of this business district is a nightmare for motorists. Be it around Vikhroli station or traffic convergence at Haico Junction — getting out of this area is extremely difficult in the evening because all the exits are blocked with vehicles. Slums , illegal parking and auto-stands right on the main road slows down the traffic considerably. Journeys which should ideally take 35 minutes take at least 2 hours due to the swanky high-complexes mushrooming around.

Mumbai traffic is so bad that companies have started giving work from cab or work on the way option!!!

3. Senapati Bapat Marg: Also known as Tulsi Pipe Road, peak traffic hours here owing to the pothole menace on the Elphinstone Road-Dadar stretch is not a new story. A 5-minute-long commute stretches over to 20–25 minutes anyday! And when it’s the time for Monsoons, the local fish market is a cherry on top for this busy patch. Tweeters never fail to take a dig on this!

Hello, wide open roads!

4. Saki Naka: An erstwhile Industrial Area, Saki Naka is forever jam packed due to its close proximity to the Mumbai Airport. The prime business district is infamous for congestion as it serves as a junction which connects Andheri-Ghatkopar-Kurla-Powai Vihar link roads. Have you not begun to weep yet?

Not even joking. This is a fact :(

5. Goregaon Bridge — Motorists in the western suburbs probably drive through the city’s worst traffic nightmares every day. Getting from one end of Veer Savarkar flyover to the other end takes a good 30 to 40 minutes. The flyover is a crucial link for those travelling between the Western Express Highway and SV Road. Your everyday 6.30pm here would be at a speed lower than 2.05 kmph.

Who needs space?
Far better. ANYDAY!

You know what’s the best way out?





A driver, no? Okay, a rider then? No matter how much responsible (whoever) you are, Mumbai traffic is always here to knock you off your game.

Well, if you you don’t love Mumbai at :

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Chaos Uh-oh!

Then you don’t deserve Mumbai at:

Chowpatty beach? Yes please.

Stuck at a signal observing the mayhem unfold?

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