What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Hyderabad?

Is it the bustling IT, scintillating pearls or the aroma-infused biriyani?

The City of Nizams with its royalty, old bazars, tehzeeb, robust infrastructure and richness is essentially nonpareil in India.

But did you know? Our melting pot comes as one of the more heedless of regions with its jerry-rigged traffic system!

If you are among the lakhs of IT migrants who moved in to Hyderabad lately, or are eloping from the surrounding villages of Telangana, or have just landed from the Silicon Valley for a spin in the city, this nifty guide will acquaint you with the 5 most annoying traffic spots in Hyderabad:-

1.Kukatpally to Hi-tech City: Those condemned to commute on this corridor invariably curse their fate. Road plans come. Road plans go. The development of this area seems to give zero respite. All thanks to the deadly blend of heavy vehicles + bad parking practises!

Seedha Jao, Ekich Road Hain!

2. Gachibowli Flyover: Traffic sign posts look better in tweets as they lurk here only for symbolic purpose. Heavy downpour and peak hours turns this 10 minutes stretch to an hour long of menace. Despite police warnings, cabs wait at this junction to pick up commuters. The result? Chaos with cars stopping in the middle of the high-speed roadway.

Traffic Anarchy in Gachibowli

3. Begumpet Road: Build a flyover →Attract more vehicles →Get stuck with the same traffic! Going by the history of flyovers and underpasses in Hyderabad, this hasn’t solved the city’s traffic woes. This stretch towards Banjara Hills and beyond, has increased commute time by at least half an hour for a distance of 2 kms.

BTW, 1000 new vehicles are registered daily in Hyderabad.
Beat that!

4. Lakdi ka Pul: Several traffic experiments have been executed but this bottleneck continues to haunt motorists. Everyday, thousands of heavy vehicles including APSRTC buses ply around this area. JUST THIS? NO WAY! The Hyderabad Metro takes up a major chunk of space. With nil chance of road widening, you can’t avoid crawling inch by inch during office hours.

5. Banjara Hills: Welcome to the city’s hottest residential suburb and traffic snarls! With monsoons around, are you not thinking of an alternative route? Well, the relentless excavations by the government and private agencies is sure to wreck your plan. Digging the roads and then covering it up seems to be a keen affair for the civic officials.

Let diversions do the talking.

Though facts say that Hyderabad is India’s fastest city, with an average ride speed of 27.1 km/hr, you can’t zip through the city like PacMan in the maze!

As the City Police puts it :


Hyderabad is a multi-lingual city. It is nowhere more apparent than while riding. You are likely to be called out in Deccani near Charminar, Hindi in Secunderabad, English in Jubilee Hills and Telugu in Chilkalguda.

The language becomes more eloquent and colourful during peak hours ;)

Sit back. Unlearn the words and switch to these 10 productive things while we DriveU around.

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