Roses, chocolates and candlelight dinners; what’s your idea of a perfect date? I love the old-fashioned, sweep you off your feet date nights where everything is carefully planned. Everyone appreciates efforts made to make them feel special. In a generation of speed dating where everyone is waiting on the other, be the first to let them know how you feel about them. But how do you go about it?

Well, If you’re clueless about dates, don’t worry. We’re listing down some cool pursuits that are a definite hit.

1. The classic

My idea of a classic date is dinner at a snazzy restaurant, drinks at your favourite pub and dancing at a club. I hire a chauffeur to drive us because I don’t want to drive when drunk and also it allows me to give my undivided attention to my date. Basking in the city lights and cruising the streets with the top of the car open is a definite home run. Plan it out like this and you’ll definitely make a charming first impression!

2. The hunter

For those who enjoy games, let your date scavenge for you! If you have a history with your loved one, you can strategically plan out a scavenger hunt that involves places where you’ve shared your most fond memories together. First meet, first date, first kiss… put down clues that lead to the next until they get to you! Since you wouldn’t want your date to feel like they are in The Amazing Race, hire a driver for them. It saves a lot of time!

Drive-in movie date

3. Drive-in and chill

This one’s my favourite-

Picture this. Your own theatre out there in the wilderness under the stars, perhaps on a magnificent location like a cliff. Beautiful right? Don’t forget the wine and cheese! A drive-in theatre is pretty rare so this one’s your definite ticket to a second date

4. The ‘Date’tour

What are the most interesting locations in town that you would want to visit? List them down and have your own private ‘date’tour!

I did the date-tour last year; starting with breakfast at Leopold Cafe in Colaba, Mumbai ending with a romantic, candlelight dinner at Palms Resort in Kalyan. It was the most eventful and fun date I’ve ever been on! While I had my own itinerary for the day, the driver added to our escapade by taking us to some amazing places we had never heard of — like the arcane and tiny village of a Warli tribe situated in the heart of Mumbai! Did you know about it?

What are you planning to do this Valentine? Comment below and let us know!

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